Discharge Checklist

Before you leave, make sure you have received information about:

  • Medication changes
  • Symptoms to report
  • Activity guidelines
  • Driving restrictions
  • Returning to work

Wallet Card

Expect to receive a card to carry with you for the next couple of months (example below). Be sure the correct contact information is written in.

If you run into any problems and have to see a doctor or other health care practitioner, make sure you present this card.


Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation
Date of procedure:
What to expect after your procedure:
Mild chest pain (usually worse when lying down or breathing in) is normal following your procedure and will subside within a couple of weeks. However, if you develop a fever with a temperature higher than 38°C, severe chest pain, weakness or numbness of a limb, difficulty speaking, difficult and/or painful swallowing, vomiting or passing blood, immediately contact Dr. ___________ at _________. If the office is closed, immediately go to your local ER for assessment (present this card).



Patient Name:
This patient had ablation for atrial fibrillation by Dr. __________ at the Ottawa Heart Institute on _____________________.
A rare but serious complication of this procedure is the development of an atrial esophageal fistula, which can occur quite insidiously between two and six weeks post-procedure. Clinical features may include any or all of the following: fever (T > 38°C), stroke symptoms, embolic events, decreased level of consciousness, chest pain, upper abdominal pain, difficult and/or painful swallowing, vomiting or passing blood.


If you are concerned about this patient, please immediately contact __________ at _____________ or speak with the EP Team on call at 613-696-7000, press 0 and ask to speak with the Nurse Coordinator.


Under no circumstances should the patient’s esophagus be instrumented (no upper GI endoscopy, TEE, etc.). The test of choice for diagnosing this problem is a CT chest with IV and PO gastrografin done in an experienced centre.