For Admitted Patients

Before you leave, please make sure you have done the following:

  • Attended the Heart Failure Nutrition Class. Ask your nurse for details.
  • Obtained the Heart Failure Daily Weight Tracker Tool. This is a tool you can use life-long to help you manage your heart failure and prevent re-hospitalization.
  • Reviewed this guide with your family/significant other.
  • Received your Discharge Prescription/Notes Letter. This letter is completed by your doctor and has information about your diagnosis and treatment, as well as all medications and follow-up plans. The white copy is yours to keep; the yellow copy is to be given to your family physician. The bottom of the white copy (prescription) is to be removed and given to your pharmacist. Please fill your prescription the day of your discharge.
  • Obtained the GAP Tool. This is completed by your nurse. It outlines your medications, risk factors and follow-up appointments. Make an appointment to see your family physician within the next two weeks.
  • Received information about or an appointment with the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.
  • Asked to see a social worker if you have concerns about your discharge or financial problems, especially if these are related to paying for your medications.
  • Gotten your Vial of Life package. This is a resealable plastic bag containing a large medication vial, a magnet for your refrigerator and directions for participating in this program.


Nursing Coordinator: 613-696-7000, press 0 and ask to speak with the Nurse Coordinator

Please call the Nursing Coordinator if you have symptoms or concerns after you leave the hospital. The Nursing Coordinator can be reached any time of the day or night.