BRUISE CONTROL- 2 trial presented at American Heart Association Late Breaking Session

Birnie, DavidCongratulations to Dr. David Birnie and his team on the Late Breaking Presentation on the BRUISE CONTROL 2 trial!

Dr. Birnie presented the trial data at the American Heart Association Scientific Meeting on November 12 in Anaheim, CA. This randomized controlled trial assigns 662 patients – with atrial fibrillation undergoing device surgery who are chronically taking novel anti-coagulants (dabigatran, rivaroxaban, or apixaban) – to either continued or interrupted anti-coagulant therapy.

The results show that either strategy may be appropriate depending on the clinical scenario – whether anti-coagulant therapy should be continued in patients with a high risk for stroke, or discontinued in patients with a lower risk of stroke to prevent bleeding (device pocket hematoma).

Dr. Birnie was interviewed by the American Heart Association Science News and the American College of Cardiology on this late breaking trial.

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