What to Expect During Your Stay

Before Your Procedure

The evening before the procedure, you will need to take a shower using antiseptic soap (the soap will be provided). From midnight on, you must not eat or drink anything.

The doctor will decide what medications you may take the morning of your procedure. The nurse will shave a small area on both sides of your groin, and you will take another shower using the special soap.

Before you are taken to the cardiac catheterization laboratory, the nurse may give you some medication with a sip of water if ordered by the doctor. The medication may relax you and make you sleepy.

During the MitraClip Procedure

Your procedure will take about three hours (sometimes a little longer). You will receive general anesthetic so that you will sleep during the procedure and feel no pain.

After you are asleep, the anesthesiologist will put a breathing tube in your mouth. The tube is connected to a breathing machine. Usually the breathing tube is removed before you are fully awake. If you still need support with your breathing, the breathing tube will not be removed until after you are in the Coronary Care Unit.

All other equipment, such as intravenous lines, a heart monitor and a tube to drain your bladder, will be put in after you are asleep.

Once your MitraClip procedure is completed, you will be transferred to the CCU. The doctor will contact your family to let them know your status.

The doctor can either talk to your family in person or call a designated family member or friend on the telephone.

If your family members want to speak to the doctor in person, they will be referred to the lobby volunteer desk, where they can register with the volunteers and wait in the Family Lounge.

If you would like the doctor to call a specific family member, the staff will ask you for the name and phone number at which your family member can be reached.

The staff will ensure those arrangements are made with you and your family before your procedure begins.