New in The Beat for December

December 20, 2016

A look back at a year of celebration
A look back at a year of celebration

40th Anniversary Flashback: A Year of Turning 40

A look back at a year of celebration

Mental Capacity Not Affected by Cholesterol or Blood Pressure Drugs (AHA 2016)

While no benefit is found, concerns around statins are seen to be resolved

Looking for New Ways to Target Powerful Cholesterol-Lowering Mechanism (AHA 2016)

A pill form of a PCSK9 inhibitor could be a boon to treating and perhaps even reversing coronary artery disease

Rapids Beats: Heart Disease News and Updates for December

In this round up from recent conferences, blood sugar linked to surgical infections, fitness and atrial fibrillation, and predicting survival after cardiac arrest

Imaging Technology Expected to Enhance Patient Access to Cardiac PET Tests

FDA approval of Ottawa Heart Institute technology increases availability of PET radiotracers

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