New in The Beat for October

October 27, 2016

Collage of illustrations of smoking cessationThe Importance of Best Practices for Successful Smoking Cessation
Systematic approaches are key to helping smokers put tobacco behind them

Occupational Therapy Found to Uniquely Reduce Hospital Readmissions
Helping heart patients stay out of the hospital is a primary goal of occupational therapy

40th Anniversary Flashback: The Tale of the Mummy
A spooky story unearthed from the Heart Institute vaults just in time for Halloween

American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2016
The Ottawa Heart Institute has 45 expert clinical talks and research presentations at the 2016 AHA Scientific Sessions, the largest meeting on heart disease in the world. See our program guide for details.

Rapids Beats: Heart Disease News and Updates for October
In this roundup, common pain killers and heart failure risk, positive news about outcome disparities between men and women, and mixed messages about calcium supplements

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