Rob Beanlands, MD, awarded Margolese National Heart Disorders Prize

July 11, 2023

The University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine is recognizing University of Ottawa Heart Institute cardiologist and scientist Rob Beanlands, MD, with a national award for outstanding career achievement in the field of cardiovascular health.

Dr. Rob Beanlands is deputy director general at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and the director of the National Cardiac PET Centre. He is a professor in the Division of Cardiology in the Department of Medicine, Department of Radiology (cross appointment), Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (cross appointment) in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa. He is a recognized leading-edge authority in this field and acknowledged amongst international circles as one of the top five cardiovascular imaging scientists in his imaging field in the world. He has built the Canadian National PET Centre that has served as a hub of innovation and defined the de facto cutting-edge in both imaging technology and insight into disease processes. His leadership brought Canadian researchers together across the country, garnering accolades on the international stage, truly allowing Canada to “own the podium” in this domain. Furthermore, Dr. Beanlands has held influential leadership roles, helping to shape policies in research, knowledge translation and practice.

The Margolese National Heart Disorders Prize is awarded annually to a Canadian physician or scientist who makes outstanding contributions to the treatment, amelioration, or cure of heart disorders. The prize is awarded with the expectation that the recipient will continue to make outstanding contributions in the future. Among the criteria considered for selection is impact on policy and practice, forging partnerships with scientists and others to foster heart disorders research and/or to implement discoveries and cultivating future leaders in the field.

Learn more about this year’s recipients in the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine news release.

Congratulations, Dr. Rob Beanlands.

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