Ottawa Cardiovascular Research Day 2018


The Ottawa Cardiovascular Research Day (formerly known as Research Day) was held on April 30, 2018 at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI).


The Ottawa Cardiovascular Research Day celebrates the region’s research excellence through moderated oral presentations and poster sessions. It is an excellent venue for trainees to showcase their outstanding projects, hone their presentation skills, and network with faculty and colleagues.

This event is open to all cardiovascular research trainees in the Ottawa region.

The event proceedings are in English only.

Keynote Speaker

We are very pleased to have hosted the renowned cardiologist and researcher, Stanley Nattel, MD, as the event’s keynote speaker.


Event prizes recognize the best oral presentations and posters, including the Polk Award for the Best Clinical Science Oral Presentation, the Coralie Lalonde Innovation Award for the most ‘innovative’ abstract, amongst others.

Congratulations to the Ottawa region’s trainees for their excellent work, and to all the prize winners!

Recipient of the UOHI Dr. Robert Roberts Award for Research Excellence

UOHI Investigator of the Year

Ottawa Region Cardiovascular Research Trainee of the Year

Coralie Lalonde Innovation Award Winner

  • Ms. Caitlin Lazurko, MSc Candidate (Supervisor: Dr. Emilio Alarcon), UOHI
    Infection-fighting gel for treatment of diabetic foot ulcers

Presentation Prizes

Dr. Yves Marcel Award for the Best Basic Science Oral Presentation

  • Mr. Pushpinder Kanda, MD-PhD Candidate (Supervisor: Dr. Darryl Davis), UOHI
    Encapsulation of explant-derived cardiac stem cells using a high throughput microfluidic device for cell mediated tissue repair of injured myocardium 

Honourable Mention for a Basic Science Oral Presentation

  • Dr. Ketul Chaudhary, Postdoctoral Fellow (Supervisor: Dr. Duncan Stewart), Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Differential effects of female sex hormones on severe pulmonary arterial hypertension induced by VEGFR2 inhibition

Award for the Best Basic Science Poster

  • Ms. Sandrine Parent, MSc Candidate (Supervisor: Dr. Darryl Davis), UOHI
    Encapsulation of cardiac stem cells enhances paracrine activity & promotes regeneration of ischemic cardiomyopathy

Honourable Mention for a Basic Science Poster

  • Mr. Nicholas Cober, PhD Candidate (Supervisor: Dr. Duncan Stewart), Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
    Microencapsulation of endothelial progenitors in matrix-supplemented hydrogels improves cell retention & therapeutic efficacy in pulmonary arterial hypertension

Polk Award for the Best Clinical Science Oral Presentation

  • Dr. Kevin Boczar, Cardiology Resident (Supervisor: Dr. Thais Coutinho), UOHI
    Sex differences in thoracic aortic aneurysm growth: Role of aortic stiffness

Honourable Mention for a Clinical Science Oral Presentation

  • Dr. Elizabeth Chan, Internal Medicine Resident (Supervisors: Drs. Louise Sun & Lisa Mielniczuk), UOHI
    Sex-specific trends in incidence & mortality for urban & rural ambulatory heart failure patients in Eastern Ontario from 1994-2013

AstraZeneca Award for the Best Clinical Science Poster

Fluorine-18 LMI1195 positron emission tomography provides accurate measure of cardiac sympathetic innervation compared to carbon-11 hydroxyephedrine

Honourable Mentions for a Clinical Science Poster

  • Dr. Aws Almufleh, Cardiology Resident (Supervisor: Dr. Benjamin Chow), UOHI
    Reducing the burden of low risk chest pain admissions: Role of the expedited outpatient stress testing quality improvement initiative
  • Dr. Janet Ngu, Cardiac Surgery Resident (Supervisor: Dr. Louise Sun), UOHI
    Association of intraoperative hypotension & renal replacement therapy after cardiac surgery

Program Guide

Download the 2018 Program Guide.

Program Guide (pdf)

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