2014 videos

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November 24 Frans Leenen, MD, PhD, UOHI Convergence of Mental Health and Cardiac Health.
Role of Neurotrophic factors in the Brain
November 3 Katey Rayner, PhD, UOHI Mechanisms of Unstable Atherosclerosis: Macrophages are Dead Weight
October 20 Glenn Wells, PhD, UOHI Measuring Blood Flow and Flow Reserve with SPECT
October 6 Martha A Healy Privacy Breaches: Prevention is the best Medicine
September 25 Jacqueline Saw Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD) Update
June 16 Jennifer Reed, PhD, UOHI Exploring the role of feedback from a web based application on physical activity levels in nurses (WALK)
June 9 Derek So, MD, UOHI Clotting vs. Bleeding with P2Y12 Platelet Receptor Inhibitors: When you are caught between a rock and a hard place
June 2 Tirone David Aortic valve sparing operations to treat aortic root aneurysm
April 14 Anthony Tang Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Failure
March 3 Lynn Megeney, PhD The Intrinsic Mediated Caspase Signaling Pathway. The Conserved Facilitator of Pathologic Cardiac Hypertrophy.
February 24 Patrick Burgon, PhD, UOHI MLIP, A Novel Modulator of Heart Growth & Metabolism
February 10 Jagat Narula Who will have the Heart Attack?
January 20 Andrew Pipe, MD, UOHI The Making of an Olympian: Coaching or Chemistry?
January 13 Stephen Archer Right Ventricle in Pulmonary Hypertension - A Determinant of Prognosis and Target for Therapy

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